Markus Milz
Now with his new lectures on the future of the German economy

"Future of Sales" & "Winners of the Future". So that you make the right decisions in 2023

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Testimonials to the presentation "Winners of the Future

Markus Milz

The speaker for strategy, sales and leadership

Stimulating, motivating, inspiring. Characterized by his many years of expertise and the high standards he sets for himself, Markus Milz, as a keynote speaker and sales trainer, delivers the prerequisites for all future concepts that he launches for his clients.

"Your presentation was a real enrichment for our sales forum. Impressive in terms of content and incredibly entertaining."

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Prof. Dr. Frank Gebert, Studiengangsleiter MBA Sales Management SRH Heidelberg

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Why Markus Milz

Markus Milz's impulse lectures are extremely inspiring and motivating, content-rich and information-driven, with finely dosed humor and didactically clever structure, which not only makes you want to listen, but also encourages you to think further and implement what you hear.

Confident in his appearance, confident in his presentation and convincing in his content: Keynote speaker and sales trainer Markus Milz says what is important. He says it clearly and in such a way that it takes root in people's minds.


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